About Us:

ador is created to help people find information about dining out activities through recommendations from their friends and the people in town.

People share dining experiences, submit ratings, upload photos, setup on-line profile of their own and of course to find best food in town. Its totally community driven to serve the community.

On ador, every opinion counts.

We are continually improving our site and service as we strive to provide you with a better way to find your best gastronomic experience in town.

So come back often and keep sharing your great reviews. Thanks for your help in making ador the best review site in Australia!

The ador Team

Review Guidelines:

ador is a web 2.0 site with total openness. Any listing has free access to the full feature of ador. Our focus is to make it clean, user friendly and most importantly useful. People coming to ador because when they feel like eating something they'll know they can find the best restaurant offering it in town. This will be achieved by making ador totally community run to serve the community without compromise.

* Reviews with food poisoning allegation or recommendation of direct competition will be promptly removed from ador.

* ador is not a grievance system, please raise hygiene complaints/charge dispute with your local food safety/fair trading authority.

* Please do not write everything in capital letters.

* If business owner has complaints about our registered member's review, ador will liaise with both parties to resolve the issue. If our registered member still stands to his/her review, review stays.

* Reviews submitted by guest users are subject to much stricter moderation controls. It's recommended to sign up and create your profile on ador.

* Listing business owners do not have any editorial control over any reviews. Listing manager rights include changing listing's contact, dining features, specials on offer and news announcements etc...

* We believe a genuine web 2.0 site should not exclude business owners. We encourage restaurant entrepreneurs' involvement on ador and believe they have as much right to be passionate about their business as any other ador reviewers. Their open interaction with other ador users is considered a good thing. We aim to be a bridging platform for restaurants and diners, this should be mutually beneficial for all of us.

* Your reviews on ador will help others decide where to eat. Write with the readers as your friend in mind. With criticism towards the restaurant you reviewed, please offer suggestions for improvement. Be opinionated! You can still be fair.

(Updated: 23/12/2008)