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The Bride

The hours leading up to your wedding can naturally produce some of the most beautiful, candid and touching images.

You’ve had your hair and makeup done, you are in your dream dress and looking the best in your life, about to be married! You might be a little nervous or just plain excited. With all these feelings rushing through you before you meet your perfect man at the end of the aisle.

It’s absolutely critical to photograph those beautiful moments. It’s these moments captured of you - a stunning, confident bride - that will set the tone for the rest of the day.

The Groom

Always a pleasure to photograph a groom. Quality time with the mates and family is often full of laughs and sometimes a little emotional, too. Most of the time you are just as excited or nervous as the bride, about the journey of starting your own family.

The Ceremony

Rich with important moments that will be cherished for years to come, the ceremony deserves the utmost best photographic attention.

It’s filled with suspense before making your aisle entrance, the bittersweet giving-away by your father, the reaction of seeing each other for the first time, shared glances in the midst of declaring your love for one another, and of course, the final kiss and the rapturous applause from your teary-eyed and happy-faced guests. The heightened emotions during this part of the wedding day will not be forgotten.

The Bridal Party

Your wedding day isn't only a celebration of you and your partner. It is also a celebration of all of the individuals who have been along the ride with you. You’ll want to remember how it feels to be surrounded by them, so it’s only fitting that they are highlighted as an integral part of your special day.

Portraits of the bridal party are a beautiful way to reminisce on all of the shared memories and support from the past, while also looking forward to a new chapter of their friendship as you take on the adventure of marriage.

The Newlyweds

It’s official, so now it’s time to let the fact that the two of you are now husband and wife sink in. Don't be afraid to show your love to each other, and don’t worry about striking the perfect pose. Just let the joy of the moment shine through. It’s the spontaneous moments that often make for the best photography portraits. You can rest assured, knowing that it’s my job to make the two of you look great.

The First Dance

The first dance is the pinnacle moment of the day, filled with romance. While all of your friends and family are watching, the dance is all about you. As you get lost in the small world of two, it feels as if no one else in the room, and I'll be there to capture it all.

The Party

So the speeches wrap and the plates have been cleared away, it’s time to cut loose and celebrate till exhaustion. There’s probably not much you can remember from this point on, however, once you come to relive all these party pictures, you'll smile, knowing all the people you cherish were there having a great time with you.

The Night

When everyone is still on a high from the last few hours of fun, why not take a moment to sneak outside and take a few moody night shots?

Just let the day sink in and have the time slow down for you. While the wedding is probably coming to an end, this new chapter of your life is about to begin...


Aasher & Nick

Cape Schanck, Mornington Peninsula

Lynan & Andrew

Byron Bay, NSW

Camilla & Jason

Flowerdale Estate, Strath Creek

Ashlee & Kate

Riverstone Estate, Coldstream, Yarra Valley

Sue & Chris

Riversdale Golf Club, Mount Waverley

Taylah & Sinclair

Pennyroyal Otways Retreat

Heidi & Russell

Yester Grange, Blue Mountains Sydney

Sabine & Arthur

Bradleys Head, Bathers Pavilion Sydney

Sydney Styled Shoot

Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Sydney