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171 Resevoir Rd    Modbury
Tel: 08 8395 2080
C duncan   
  Overall: 2   Food: 1   Environment: 2   Service: 2   Cost Per Person: $19.00

We went for lunch at 12.45pm there was nothing left & they were not refilling the food. What was there was cold & dry. We complained but we just got sorry. Very very ordinary food. Wouldn't go back again...

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Food Recommended: None All To Cold
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28 John St    Salisbury
Tel: 08 8258 9617
  Overall: 4   Food: 4   Environment: 3   Service: 4   Cost Per Person: $15.00

Very nice food,maybe a little more honey on their chicken ,but at least it wasn't too sweet,I really enjoyed the deluxe noodles,again maybe a few more veggies could have been in there,but overall I think it is worth spending my money there,thanks,maybe give a free drink when you spend over $50,instead of prawn crackers,have an option

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Food Recommended: Honey Chicken Sweet And Sour Pork Dim Sims
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75 Port Wakefield Rd    Bolivar
Tel: 08 8250 4144
  Overall: 1   Food: 2   Environment: 2   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $20.00

Well i can say the venue seemed quite nice at the beginning and the staff very friendly then it all went down hill quickly!!!!

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Food Recommended: Expensive Food
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Northpark Shopping Centre, 264 Main North RD    Prospect
Tel: 08 8269 6005
  Overall: 5   Food: 5   Environment: 5   Service: 4   Cost Per Person: $6.00

Love the sushi rolls , always prompt service and great dumplings!

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Food Recommended: Dumplings: Sushi Rolls
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68 Daphne Rd    Salisbury East
Tel: 08 8258 6533
  Overall: 1   Food: 1   Environment: 2   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $25.00

Food was awful, the satay sauce had a Jelly like consistency, the spring rolls were Luke warm and not fresh, the prices were high for the bad quality, I can confidently say the food tasted worse then most food court food and I'm sure it wasn't fresh, it was either cooked previously and frozen then reheated or cooked much earlier in the day. The place was outdated and empty it was pretty depressing, we were the only ones in there and the service people kept talking in Chinese which made us feel really uncomfortable as if they were talking about us or something. Drinks were expensive, they didn't like it when we wanted to split the bill even though we were paying cash, I wouldn't go back or recommend this place to anyone else, I will actually advise people against going here , I would much rather be at fasta pasta or somewhere like that with the same prices but a much better faster atmosphere. If it was possible I would give this place minus10 stars waste of money, lucky I had good company or I would have not paid for the food as soon as I tasted it and left but I didn't wanna cause a scene, too bad cos when we walked out we all shared that that's actually what we all would have done. Anyway I dislike this place very much I think it's way past it's used by date and needs to either close or have a makeover and get a new chefs and maybe a few professional waitresses.

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Food Recommended: Nothing
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