Address:   116a Gouger St  
Suburb: Adelaide   Tel: 08 8410 8299    Print Map Print Map
    Open:  Daily 11am-3pm, 5pm-1am

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Total Ratings: 2    1   1   Overall: 3.0  Food: 3.5  Environment: 2.5  Service: 2.5  Cost Per Person: $33.00
Food Recommended: Yum Cha(1)
Cuisine Type: Yum Cha/Dim Sum(1) Bistro/Cafes(1)
2 Reviews
First Reviewer:   bella
  Overall: 1   Food: 2   Environment: 1   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $25.00

Atmosphere there is ok. nothing fantastic.

the food is average. not something that you would really want to enjoy and relax and have a good meal.

however, there is a lady there who is very rude.

as usual, preference shown to aussies.

on one ocassion that i was there,

we ordered a fried banana with ice cream.

15minutes later i asked for it again and they said its coming.

another 15 minutes later, the rude lady came and tell us there is no bananas and she changed it to fried ice cream for us.

we were so mad we said no and ask her for the bill.

i'm sure it doesnt take 30minutes to notice there are no bananas and who is she to change our order for us without asking us.

totally disgusted.

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15/06/2009 05:05 AM
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  Overall: 5   Food: 5   Environment: 4   Service: 4   Cost Per Person: $40.00


Wide variety of food.

Best dishes: Fooken Fried Rice, Braised Duck with XO sauce, Salt & Pepper Squid, Honey Prawns, Fried Ice Cream

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12/02/2009 09:08 PM
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Cafe Kowloon - Adelaide - Chinese(Cantonese) Restaurant

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