Address:   Shop 5, 242 Hutt St  
Suburb: Adelaide   Tel: 08 8232 0944    Print Map Print Map
    Open:  Tue-Sat 6pm-10pm

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  Overall: 1   Food: 1   Environment: 2   Service: 2   Cost Per Person: $33.00

Recently my wife and I went to Kenji for dinner. We had high expectations of this place. We ordered a sashimi main (24 pieces of raw seafood) and a combination dish of sashimi and sushi for a hefty $33 each. The food came out quickly and was well presented. We finished our meal and went home. As soon as we arrived home, we both felt very ill. I had a very bad diarrhoea and my wife had a very upset stomach for the rest of the evening. Not surprisingly we didn't sleep at all that night.

The next day I called the restaurant and spoke to its manager. I told her that we felt ill after eating at her restaurant and kindly asked her for a refund. She refused to give us a refund on the grounds that no other customers have reported being ill. I have given her my contact details, but haven't heard from her since. Later I contacted the city council about this poisoning and they performed a full inspection of the restaurant. Unfortunately I do not know the outcome of that inspection.

This experience has left us shattered and we are now avoiding all Japanese food. This is not what you expect from a multiple-award winning restaurant (best asian restaurant 2007-2010) that is considered one of the best in Adelaide. Food poisoning from raw seafood is very serious and can even lead to death.

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04/01/2011 12:22 PM
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Kenji Modern Japanese - Adelaide - Japanese Restaurant

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