Address:   Level 1, Transport Hotel, Federation Square, Cnr Princes Bridge & Northbank St,  Flinders St 
Suburb: Melbourne   Tel: 03 9654 8808    Print Map Print Map
    Open:  Daily Noon - 3pm; 6-late

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Total Ratings: 22    16   3   Overall: 3.2  Food: 3.7  Environment: 3.7  Service: 3.2  Cost Per Person: $62.00
Cuisine Type: Vegetarian(2) Business Lunch Menu(1)
1 Review
First Reviewer:   Guest
  Overall: 3   Food: 3   Environment: 3   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $135.00

Taxi has really gone downhill, since they opened I have dined there three or four times, the most recent being last week where they showed how far their standard has dropped.

In the first five minutes of us being seated we were bombarded with staff, three consecutively to tell us about the wine list and the sommelier. One brief run down would have been sufficient!

We asked for no cucumber in our entree. It was a simple request that we were told could be catered for. But received cucumber in our food.

Both myself and one other guest had wine dribbled on us and across the table after our glasses had been refilled. Not even an apology from the waitress, however I doubt she even noticed.

We were handed our bill without being asked how everything was and left without a single staff member saying thank you, not even the host at the door looked up as we left.

The food was nice but the abysmal level of service spoiled it for me personally. I wouldn't bother going back in the future.

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23/03/2009 11:10 AM
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Taxi Restaurant on Federation Square - Melbourne - Modern Australian Restaurant

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