Address:   Level Ground, Shop 1, 309 Mains Rd  
Suburb: Sunnybank   Tel: 07 3344 7166    Print Map Print Map

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Total Ratings: 3    0   2   Overall: 2.0  Food: 3.3  Environment: 2.7  Service: 1.0  Cost Per Person: $47.00
Cuisine Type: Bistro/Cafes(1)
Suitable Dining: Casual Dining(1)
2 Reviews
First Reviewer:   Guest
  Overall: 2   Food: 4   Environment: 3   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $45.00

Went to this place, because my parents liked the food..

but as the other person stated.. 3 dishes came out.. finished the 3 dishes and then waited 20 mins for the next dish.. and the same thing kept happening..

Bloody waiters are just standing around in their own little group, either all in the kitchen or all talking to themselves. i waiting fucking 20 mins.. just for them to refil my damn tea..

was NOT happy with the service at all.. dinner started at 6 30 and ended at 9 20.. bad service!

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11/08/2008 11:23 AM
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  Overall: 1   Food: 2   Environment: 2   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $48.00

I went to there on 14/06 which is my birthday day. First entering the resturant, the feeling is alright. When I was standing there and wait for serve, the recepton have big noise. The reason is the receptionist miss someone's booking of 17 people. okay...i hope it is not gonna happen to me. thank god i have my booking ready.

We have 8 people and we order a 10 people set meal. The first three dishes come in right time, not too early, not too late. But we spent about another 20 minutes after we finish all three dishes to wait for the forth dish...thats really bad. The service there is the worst i have ever seen. When my friend need a service, he look at one waitress but the waitress turn 180 degree when she saw my friend's waving. I saw that as well and we both feel unconvincing about her movement.

The birthday cake they just suddently bring out to the side of table...without anyone's detection. My girlfriend is so mad about this, her surprise to me is all gone. When we finish all stuff, the other waitress come over to tidy the desk and she even wants us to bring her all our used dishes. What a under standard service quality. I may do better than her, or even most of them. Finally when I go to the reception and want to pay my bill. The female manager refuse my foreign Credit card, says it will charge higher fees for them and wants me to use my EFPOS card....What a non sense manager, no wonder they have such bad stuff.

Totally speaking, the food is normal, ambience is alright but can be better if there are no much old and ugly waitress walk around. Service have my lowest mark, 1/10. Value is too expensive, there are many other better resturants around which are cheaper and ACCEPT ANY KIND OF VISA/MASTER CREDIT CARD.

DONT GO if you see this, you will be regretted.

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Cuisine Type: Bistro/Cafes
Suitable Dining: Casual Dining
16/06/2008 03:26 AM
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Shangrila Restaurant - Sunnybank - Chinese Restaurant

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