Address:   171 Resevoir Rd  
Suburb: Modbury   Tel: 08 8395 2080    Print Map Print Map

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Total Ratings: 4    2   2   Overall: 2.8  Food: 2.5  Environment: 2.8  Service: 2.8  Cost Per Person: $21.00
Food Recommended: None All To Cold(1)
Cuisine Type: All You Can Eat Buffet(2)
4 Reviews
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C duncan     
  Overall: 2   Food: 1   Environment: 2   Service: 2   Cost Per Person: $19.00

We went for lunch at 12.45pm there was nothing left & they were not refilling the food. What was there was cold & dry. We complained but we just got sorry. Very very ordinary food. Wouldn't go back again...

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Food Recommended: None All To Cold
15/06/2016 11:41 AM
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Le Hung     
  Overall: 3   Food: 3   Environment: 3   Service: 3   Cost Per Person: $22.00

I have been to Civic park restaurant a lot of times, the food is reasonably good, there is coffee and hot tea for free. I am always happy to come there, but still something I would make a complain :).

1 When there are too many customers the owner usually come and asks the customer that been for sometime to leave, so they can get the table for the newly arrived customers, that is a dissapointing when you are in good mood and want to sit there little longer.

2 The food had good taste but mostly the same style and did not have enough various food

3 and now the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday problem :)), there is raw salmon and that is my favourite food also too many other like it too, but they only bring out 1 plate and we have to run fast to get it otherwise it is gone, and sometime you have to run several time and still when you reach to the salmon plate, it is empty. The evil is if your table has 5 people so you take a reasonable amout that is for 5 people, THEN the cooker or worker in the kitchen stare at you as if you are greedy. I wonder why did not they bring out atleast 2 plates and more frequently, because actually after you have some of salmon you would not like it anymore and customer will not need to run to chase his food.

Conclusion, Civic park restaurant is a GEM of Adelaide, I love it and wish that it will be there for ever, if I have to choose between Civic and Julia Gillard I would not even think twice.


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14/07/2011 03:03 PM
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  Overall: 2   Food: 2   Environment: 2   Service: 2   Cost Per Person: $22.00

too much of the same style food, is fine if you like chinese but i found the choice of food disappointing. desserts were reasonable.

We were there on a warmish day and the place was really stuffy, we had to ask for the air-conditioner to be turned on. i was there with a large group of people and the civic had obviously over-booked because as soon as we were finishing dessert they were taking our tables to provide seating for others.

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16/01/2011 12:32 PM
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  Overall: 4   Food: 4   Environment: 4   Service: 4   Cost Per Person: $22.00

All you can eat. The only one that has prawns and doesn't cost $50 per person.

Good variety of food mostly Asian dishes with more variety on weekends. I have been there several times and never had a bad experience.

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Cuisine Type: All You Can Eat Buffet
Suitable Dining: Casual Dining For Families With Children Generous Serve For Birthday
Special Feature: Bar Booking Recommended Licensed Major Cards Accepted Smoking Not Allowed Veggie Friendly Wheelchair Access Limited Parking MSG Free Children's Highchair
21/06/2010 05:48 PM
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Civic Park Family Restaurant - Modbury - Classic Australian Restaurant

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