Balti Indian Cafe Bookings by Dimmi
Address:   126 Lygon Street  
Suburb: Carlton   Tel: 03 9663 9906    Print Map Print Map
Dining Precinct: Carlton - Lygon Street
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    Open:  Daily noon-3pm, 6pm-10pm

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Total Ratings: 3    1   2   Overall: 2.7  Food: 2.7  Environment: 3.0  Service: 3.0  Cost Per Person: $20.00
Food Recommended: Barra Kebab(1)
Cuisine Type: Bistro/Cafes(2)
Suitable Dining: Phone Order/Take Away(1) Home Delivery(1)

About Balti Indian Cafe

Balti Indian Cafe started in 1995. The first Balti Indian Cafe started in Auckland, New Zealand and was such a huge sucess that the second Balti Indian Cafe opened in Melbourne, Australia soon after.

After 10 years the Balti tradition is still going strong. We have catered for the Indian Cricket Team on a number of occasions. We even catered the Indian Cricket Team and the West Indies Cricket Team when they were at the MCG!

As you can find out on our links page, Balti has a long and rich history. It all started in Birmingham, England, when restaurants specialising in Northern Indian cuisine started opening up. They were a great sucess, and started to become a style of their own.

All the dishes are traditionally served in 'karahi' and 'balti' which are a type of bowl. This is an Indian tradition that was adopted by these 'Balti' restaurants. Traditionally food was scooped from the Balti using Naan or other bread. Feel free to follow the tradition!

1 Review
First Reviewer:   Guest
  Overall: 2   Food: 2   Environment: 2   Service: 2   Cost Per Person: $20.00

Just forget it!!

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19/10/2009 04:32 AM
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Balti Indian Cafe - Carlton - Indian Restaurant

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