Dawat Indian Restaurant Bookings by Dimmi
Address:   Shop 1, 3368 Pacific Hwy  
Suburb: Springwood   Tel: 07 3209 1200    Print Map Print Map
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About Dawat Indian Restaurant

To travel India from subtropical South to the ice - capped North is to be introduced to a tantalising diversity of food styles. The mogul emperors over four centuries ago brought with them to the mountainous North the richness of Persian culinary tradition. Blending meat with dried fruits sweet and spicy laden creamy sauces. Today this influence extends from Kashmir and South to Punjab to a lesser extend Hyderabad.

Although religion has had a marked influence on Indian food, regional areas have developed styles unique to their environment. In Bombay, fish is plentiful in the Arabian Sea. Coastal Kerela uses coconut as a cooking base. Goa with portugese ancestry has strong overtones of European tastes such as vinegar or other acidulating ingredients. Far down the South in Madras the Tamils follow mostly a vegetarian cuisine, usually with stingingly hot chillies.

With the migration of Indians to the Fiji Islands one century and half ago this broad range of Indian diversity has also mingled with Island spices which added on more to the tantalising diversity.

Dawat today offers a blend of this diversity on their menu with creamy dishes from the North, hot and spicy ones from the South and sweet dishes from the Kashmir region. Dawat also boasts additional Fiji Indian type dishes on their menu, very rarely found on other restaurant menus in and around Brisbane.

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Dawat Indian Restaurant - Springwood - Indian Restaurant

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