Address:   Shop 9,  Degraves St  
Suburb: Melbourne   Tel: 0401 408 168    Print Map Print Map
Dining Precinct: Melbourne City - CBD
    Open:  Mon-Fri 7am-7pm

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Total Ratings: 1    0   1   Overall: 2.0  Food: 4.0  Environment: 2.0  Service: 1.0  Cost Per Person: $8.00
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1 Review
First Reviewer:   Guest
  Overall: 2   Food: 4   Environment: 2   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $8.00

The baguette order board may say "Made to order" but don't try ordering a sandwich with hard cheese instead of soft (because you are pregnant, and would rather not risk your unborn baby's health) - you will hand over your money and get to the business end of the counter only to be shouted at by the French sandwich maker who 'only makes things to a set menu', and tells you you 'can't go ordering whatever you want' and is 'too busy' to make a baguette with hard cheese (despite there being no one else in the shop). This man will end up slamming your money down on the counter and telling to you to go away and not come back.

I certainly won't be coming back. By far the worst service I have encountered in Melbourne.

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Food Recommended: Did Not Get To Sample Any
13/02/2009 02:41 PM
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Waffle On - Degraves St - Melbourne - Belgian Restaurant

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