Bombay Bliss - Park Road Bookings by Dimmi
Address:   14 Park Road  
Suburb: Milton   Tel: 07 3369 4474    Print Map Print Map
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    Open:  Lunch Monday to Friday 11.30am-2.30pm: Dinner Daily from 5pm

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Total Ratings: 1    0   1   Overall: 1.0  Food: 1.0  Environment: 2.0  Service: 3.0  Cost Per Person: $16.00
Cuisine Type: Peanut Free(1) Vegetarian(1) Gluten Free(1)
Suitable Dining: Phone Order/Take Away(1) Casual Dining(1)

About Bombay Bliss - Park Road

A la carte dining, take-out, group booking, banquets and functions. Our extensive menu is based on authentic recipes from North and South India. We can provide a large diversity of meals to cater for people's special dietary requirements. Our menu contains Low Fat, Vegan, non-dairy and nut-free items.

1 Review
First Reviewer:   Guest
  Overall: 1   Food: 1   Environment: 2   Service: 3   Cost Per Person: $16.00

It is a real pity, I looked forward to a good Indian meal, but alas, the lunch was not great. The beef dahl needed further cooking to tenderise the beef, the yogurt which was served with the "reheated" Samosas was "off" which the restaurant to their credit acknowledged and changed, and the bread tasted as if it had simply been reheated! That said, the service was good, and I suspect it is about cooking to a budget!

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Food Recommended: None Of The Dishes We Ordered
17/03/2011 09:15 PM
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Bombay Bliss - Park Road - Milton - Indian Restaurant

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