Mundo Churrasco Bookings by Dimmi
Address:   63 Macgregor Tce  
Suburb: Bardon   Tel: 07 3369 1660    Print Map Print Map
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    Open:  Daily Lunch 12noon-2:30pm | Dinner 5:30pm-9:30pm

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Total Ratings: 2    0   0   Overall: 1.0  Food: 1.5  Environment: 2.0  Service: 1.5  Cost Per Person: $44.00
Food Recommended: Churrasco(1)
Cuisine Type: Steak House(1) Gluten Free(1)

About Mundo Churrasco

The Bardon restaurant modern interior features warm deep red walls, with wrought iron panel detailing thru-out - making for a warm and inviting atmosphere and an option of indoor or covered in outdoor dining

The Bar is a feature of its own, made of recycled timber with a red granite top reminding the charcoal pit.

2 Reviews
First Reviewer:   Guest
Antonio P.     
  Overall: 1   Food: 2   Environment: 2   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $54.00

Very disappointing, terrible service and bland food.

We attended for lunch on Sunday 8th January without a reservation. The cashier/door hostess was abrupt and gave the impression that they were booked out. After much mutterings and further curtness she decided we would be allowed to stay. an honour and privilege well above what we deserved. She never explained what the procedures were, set prices etc. Set us down and walked off. She gave the impression that she had better things to do. First impressions indeed!

The general staff were polite but unfriendly with exception of an older female, possibly the maître d'. The food was ordinary - chicken was flavourless, the three meats were bland and surprisingly not as tender as might be expected. The desert taster was fantastic. Overall it we found it to be unfriendly and overpriced at $108 for a 2 person Sunday lunch with one drink each. We will never return.

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Food Recommended: None. Simply Do Not Eat There
15/01/2012 01:25 PM
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  Overall: 1   Food: 1   Environment: 2   Service: 2   Cost Per Person: $34.00

It's hard to really be constructive when describing our recent experience at Mundo Churrasco, but I'll do my best. So any good points? Yes, I suppose the staff were friendly and we got the food quickly. They also had a good selection of beer and wine. Why the low score? Well to be perfectly honest our food was terrible. And I don't mean in a disgruntled customer that's really picky and is never satisfied kind of way, but rather it's the sort of food you'd be disappointed to get from a catering van at a function that you were dragged along to by someone you didn't even like!

The menu choices were one - the Churrasco meat buffet. Firstly you get all of your sides in tiny bowls which were chips, potato salad, rice, and some other similarly bland and cheap offerings. Then when you've poked at them for a minute and sighed the waiters start coming around and offering various meats, each drier and more inedible than the last. I'm sure I can still taste the half pork, half beef sausage long after the meal. I've had bad meals before, but the main complaint here is the price... Put simply for $34 every other restaurant around (and I've been to many of them!) beats Mundo hands down, every time. Apparently no one's ever complained before, I seriously doubt it. But who knows, maybe we just caught them on a bad night.

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18/07/2010 10:08 PM
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Mundo Churrasco - Bardon - Brazilian Restaurant

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