Address:   825 Zillmere Rd  
Suburb: Aspley   Tel: 07 3862 8199    Print Map Print Map

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Total Ratings: 8    5   2   Overall: 2.6  Food: 3.4  Environment: 3.3  Service: 2.6  Cost Per Person: $27.00
Food Recommended: Ribs(2) Steak(2)
1 Review
First Reviewer:   Guest
Kylie Linnane     
  Overall: 1   Food: 3   Environment: 3   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $20.00

Today I made the mistake of dinning at lone star Aspley despite hearing many complaints about it as recent as last night.We arrived at 1.25pm and quickly decided what to order then waited and waited for the waitress to take our order 25 minutes later the waitress took our order after apologizing for the delay.Half an hour later the meals arrived the waitress unaware of which steak sandwich was well done and which was medium.The meals were nice except the later discovered medium steak sandwich was really soggy.We went to pay and despite the sign saying kids eat free we had to pay for him.Apparetly the waitress told us the conditions that apply to this promo the night before,however we hadn't been the night before or seen her before?The manager was called for and came bringing her bad attitude and argumentative manner-refusing to give her name or provide a number for the general manager!I have worked 10 years in customer service and management and can not believe how poorly this situation was managed.I can not stress enough all the bad things you have heard about Lone star Aspley are true keep your money and don't go there

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Cuisine Type: Charcoal Grill/Barbecue
08/01/2011 06:11 PM
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Lone Star Steakhouse - Aspley - Aspley - American Restaurant

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