Address:   Shop 2,  300 Pacific Hwy  
Suburb: Crows Nest   Tel: 02 9439 9886    Print Map Print Map

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Total Ratings: 2    1   0   Overall: 4.5  Food: 5.0  Environment: 3.5  Service: 5.0  Cost Per Person: $30.00
Food Recommended: Lamb Skewers(2) Eggplant Dishes(1)
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  Overall: 4   Food: 5   Environment: 4   Service: 5   Cost Per Person: $30.00

We were recommended to this place by an ex local - from Western China.

We were sceptical because the 4 of us are not fans of chinese food - as we now refer to it as Beijing or Shanghai food. This is different - very different for chinese. No seafood and all dishes are extremely tasty - mainly Lamb Beef and Chicken as well as a good range of vegetable dishes. No sticky sweet sauces like Sweet and Sour or Lemon chicken thank heavens.

The food is relatievly plain but very tasty - The Egg plant dish is to die for and the lamb skewers both plain and spicy magnificent. The BBQ chicken wings again a winner. Service is helpful - it is different as I have said and excellent with dishes presented at a nice intervals for sharing. We have been back a few times now and each time try something different and have not been dissapointed - kids can be finicky but they love the Challot Pancake and egg & tomato omlete - and the lamb skewers.

It was a bit noisy one night we were there but it quitened down when a big table of locals (Western Asia) left as they all talk at once.

if in doubt ask - the food IS different and the menue extensive.

Why did we go back - food and service - and the price.

Its BYO and no corkage.

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Food Recommended: Lamb Skewers Eggplant Dishes
Cuisine Type: Charcoal Grill/Barbecue Serve Hot/Spicy Food Serve Great Coffee
Suitable Dining: Casual Dining Cheap Eat Something Different
Special Feature: Booking Recommended
Transport & Parking Tips: Parking difficult in local streets.
15/07/2011 03:35 PM
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Poplar Central Asian Cuisine - Crows Nest - Chinese Restaurant

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