Address:   18 Charlotte St  
Suburb: Brisbane   Tel: 07 3221 6433    Print Map Print Map
Dining Precinct: Brisbane City - CBD
    Open:  24 Hours 7 Days

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Total Ratings: 4    3   1   Overall: 2.8  Food: 3.3  Environment: 2.3  Service: 2.8  Cost Per Person: $28.00
Food Recommended: Pancakes(2) Crepes(1) Salads(1)
2 Reviews
First Reviewer:   Guest
  Overall: 4   Food: 5   Environment: 4   Service: 4   Cost Per Person: $20.00

As a nurse working all hours at the city hospitals I'm often looking for a decent late night feed after I finish my shifts. I LOVE PANCAKE MANOR!!

from the dozens of times ive been there with my husband (and it literally is dozens) ive only ever seen perfect hospitality from them sometimes a bit slow - but hey im a bit slow at 1am too! But for "Loki675" to be kicked out the party must have been behaving pretty badly coz the staff have always been very laid back ...

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Food Recommended: Anything
Cuisine Type: Creperies/Pancakes Serve Great Breakfast Steak House Serve Great Dessert Comfort Food
Suitable Dining: Casino Dining Casual Dining Cheap Eat For Families With Children Generous Serve Late Night/24 Hour Dining Something Different
Special Feature: Children's Menu Historical Building/Historically Renowned Licensed Major Cards Accepted Smoking Not Allowed MSG Free Children's Highchair
16/09/2010 02:08 AM
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  Overall: 1   Food: 2   Environment: 1   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $35.00

Very dissapointing. The roof leaked downstairs, the female toilet was broken, they locked the replacement toilet several times. The barstaff kept dissapearing. We rented the Knight Room as a venue and our dinner booking was bumped from 7:30 to 8:30pm. We were told we couldn't order food for downstairs. When 9:30pm rolled around and we still hadn't been seated they suddenly revealed we could order basic meals (wedges, etc). We were seated at 10pm. When our room booking ended at midnight we were evicted from downstairs in mintues and told our group could grab a table in the restaurant. When we did, we were told we had to leave or be charged with trespassing. I watched the same table sit empty for 45 mintues while we ate birthday cake in the street outside. The staff were rude and made it very clear that they have no interest in good service.

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Food Recommended: Pancakes
26/02/2010 11:23 PM
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Pancake Manor - Brisbane - Modern Australian Restaurant

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