Wolfies Grill Bookings by Dimmi
Address:   17-21, 21 Circular Quay West  
Suburb: The Rocks   Tel: 02 9241 5577    Print Map Print Map
Dining Precinct: Sydney City - The Rocks
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    Open:  Daily noon-11pm

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Total Ratings: 50    32   7   Overall: 2.7  Food: 3.1  Environment: 3.5  Service: 2.7  Cost Per Person: $80.00
Food Recommended: Steak(1)
Cuisine Type: Steak House(1)
1 Review
First Reviewer:   Guest
  Overall: 1   Food: 2   Environment: 2   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $80.00

What an unfortunate experience at Wolfies: we ordered drinks and entrees but the waiter never returned (about 40 mins) to ask us what main courses we wanted! And then we realised something bad was about to happen when we saw the waiters cleaning the tables and packing away... the kitchen had closed! Not only were we left with a half, empty stomach, but the maitre attempted to place the blame on us for not ordering instead of apologising - and needless to say no one told us when the kitchen was to close or that it was about to happen. I'm not sure what he expected from us - to go into the kitchen perhaps and ask for the food ourselves?

VEREDICT: 1/10 (purely because of the service, although the steak tartar entree was OK)

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02/11/2008 11:40 AM
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Wolfies Grill - The Rocks - Modern Australian Restaurant

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