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Address:   Shop 1, 54 West Esp 
Suburb: Manly   Tel: 02 9976 2975    Print Map Print Map
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    Open:  DINNER Mon-Sun 6PM - 10PM | LUNCH Wed-Sun 12AM - 3PM | SUNDAY OPEN ALL DAY

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Total Ratings: 44    34   4   Overall: 3.3  Food: 3.5  Environment: 3.7  Service: 3.6  Cost Per Person: $37.00
Food Recommended: Tapas(1)
Cuisine Type: Vegetarian(1) Tapas Bar(1)
Suitable Dining: Alfresco Dining(2) Waterside Dining(1)

About Alhambra Cafe & Tapas Bar

Alhambra Cafe & Tapas Bar is one of the Manly's favourite dining spots. Owner/head chef, Aziz Bakalla, has created a delightful venue with its warm, earthy colours, Moroccan wall rugs and mosaic tiled flooring.

The menu features a sumptuous selection of dishes from southern Spain and north Morocco. Tapas is a selection of traditional Spanish cuisine, served in mouth-watering portions. With Moorish meatballs, charmoula sardines and grilled baby octopus, you will find it difficult to limit your selection.

The Moroccan tajine is a wonderful way of presenting food: a conical clay dish in which tender pieces of lamb have been simmered with dates, honey, ginger and cinnamon. Traditional dishes of couscous, b'stilla and paella are a pleasure on the senses as they are truly exotic, aromatic and authentic.

Situated opposite Manly Wharf, with views of the water and ferry, makes the alfresco dining a special experience. The banquet menu is recommended for groups of eight or more, especially on weekends.

Flamenco dancers entertain on weekends.

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Alhambra Cafe & Tapas Bar - Manly - Moroccan Restaurant

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