Address:   357 Sydney Rd  
Suburb: Balgowlah   Tel: 02 9948 0202    Print Map Print Map
    Open:  Dinner Daily 6pm-midnight

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Total Ratings: 18    16   1   Overall: 3.4  Food: 3.9  Environment: 3.3  Service: 3.9  Cost Per Person: $28.00
Cuisine Type: Steak House(2)
Suitable Dining: Casual Dining(2)
Special Feature: BYO - Wine Only(2) Licensed(1) Corkage Free(1)
1 Review
First Reviewer:   Guest
  Overall: 1   Food: 2   Environment: 2   Service: 1   Cost Per Person: $25.00

We have just visited this restaurant with my husband and two children. Our arrival time was 6.30pm and our order was taken at 6.45pm. There was one other table of 8 people who were still looking at their menus. By 7pm, this small restaurant was 2/3 full. This must be good. Our garlic bread, salad and drinks arrived fairly promptly, but by 7.15pm still no sign of our food. We noticed that other tables who had arrived after us were being served their meals.Not to mention the table of 8 who had their entrees and onto their main courses. This isn't good. By 7.30pm we started to ask each other should we depart after asking the one waiter where was our meal? The other waitress I noticed was walking the streets and visiting the chicken shop across the road. By 7.40pm we called it quits, asked for our bill of drinks, salad and bread. We were told that we didn't have to pay for what we ate, nor should we! We really wanted to try this restaurant out, but I was so disappointed with the outcome.I hope no one else has the same experience.Asw I can't comment on the food it looked good and had big serves.

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Cuisine Type: Steak House
Suitable Dining: Casual Dining
Special Feature: BYO - Wine Only
Transport & Parking Tips: parking on a busy main road.
05/01/2008 08:45 PM
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Lukas Restaurant - Balgowlah - Mediterranean Restaurant

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