Upper Level, Eagle Street Pier,  Eagle St   Brisbane
Tel: 07 3221 0811
Joy N.   
  Overall: 4   Food: 4   Environment: 4   Service: 4   Cost Per Person: $80.00

Great food, amazing views and an exceptional wine list. They own the bottleshop downstairs, so on the off chance that you don't fid anything you like on the winelist - you can have your choice of wines from downstairs.

Food is lovely - it ranges from gourmet pizzas to Moreton Bay Bugs which are exceptional. Glare during the day can be quite severe off the river but at night - Brisbane City Lights can really take your breath away.

Service is good, but the size of the restaurant coupled with their desire to give everyone the best view can take it's toll.

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Food Recommended: Moreton Bay Bugs
Cuisine Type: Business Lunch Menu Pizza & Pasta Seafood Serve Great Dessert
Suitable Dining: For Business Great Wine Selection Romantic Ambience Waterside Dining
Special Feature: Ample Parking Nearby Bar
17/04/2009 07:23 PM
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Vino's - Brisbane - Modern Australian Restaurant

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