Crossways Centre Shop 2, Cnr Bagot Rd, 180 Rokeby Rd    Subiaco
Tel: 08 9381 3742
Ron lange   
  Overall: 4   Food: 4   Environment: 4   Service: 5   Cost Per Person: $16.00

Finally, a restaurant in Subiaco that offers great selection, at fair and just prices complimented with an incredibly energetic and friendly staff...

This is the community catchment area and its worth a huge 'splash' of congratulations.

Thank goodness Subi has finally 'grown up'


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Cuisine Type: Bistro/Cafes
Suitable Dining: Alfresco Dining
Special Feature: B.Y.O
11/07/2011 10:09 AM
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The Red Chair Cafe @ Crossways Centre - Subiaco - European Restaurant

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